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Aeschynomene fluitans (giant sensitive fern) BARE ROOT ILLEGAL TO SELL IN CALIFO
'Giant Sensitive Fern'
Aeschynomene fluitans (giant sensitive fern) gallon ***NOT LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA!*
'Giant Sensitive Fern'
Azolla caroliniana (fairy moss) 1/2 cup
'Fairy Moss'
Ceratopteris thalicroides form cornuta (floating fern) Medium
'Floating Fern'
Eichhornia Crassipes  (Water Hyacinth) Min order (6)
Water Hyacinth
Limnobium spongia (American frogbit) do NOT sell in California!  Min.order (6)
'American Frogbit'
Neptunia aquatica (sensitive plant) BARE ROOT
Neptunia aquatica (sensitive plant)
Neptunia aquatica (sensitive plant) gallon
'Neptunia aquatica'
Pistia strat. (ruffled water lettuce); must be in water 65+  Min order (6)
Rosette Water Lettuce
Pistia strat. Jurassic (Jurassic water lettuce); must be in water 65+ degrees CA
Jurassic water lettuce
Pistia Stratiotes 'Rosette' Min order (6)  Price break for large Qtys.
Rosette Water Lettuce
Salvinia minima (mini water velvet) per 1/2 cup
'Mini Water Velvet'
Salvinia oblongifolia (giant water velvet) per 1/2 cup
Giant Water Velvet'