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Water Plants

*When placing your order: if the quantity of each Gallon plant type does not meet the minimum quantity of purchase for that plant; you will be charged an additional $2.00 each*

(example: MINIMUM of 3 each and you order 2 of that variety those 2 plants will have an additional charge of $2.00 each)

Water Lilies
Lily Like
Shallow Water Plants
Moisture Loving

A large algae eating snail up to 2" across. These snails do not eat plants, and are the best snail for the pond! They don’t climb out of the water, make excellent scavengers, and will help clean up extra fish food and further process fish waste. They also eat several kinds of algae. 

•Scavengers are recommended at one per square foot of pond area.

•Mixed sizes of medium to large. 

•When shipped, must be one day shipping in hot weather.